What we do

Student Admissions Ambassadors work with the Office of Admissions to help recruit freshmen and transfer students to Virginia Commonwealth University. Many prospective students receive their first introduction to the university at the hands of our student ambassadors who volunteer their time to give daily campus tours and attend Open Houses. Our ambassadors serve as the face of VCU.

In helping prospective students and their parents discover VCU, Student Admissions Ambassadors have the opportunity to share their own unique experiences and encourage others to become part of the university. Ambassadors take pride in their school and enjoy being role models for both current and prospective students. Their position is both a privilege and a responsibility.


Ambassadors conduct guided campus tours each day following the Office of Admissions information session. Daily tours take place Monday through Saturday, except on holidays and holiday weekends. Ambassadors also lead special tours for private groups by appointment. Group tours can be scheduled online.

Each tour takes approximately one hour to introduce prospective students, their parents and other guests to the Monroe Park Campus. Highlights include residence halls, classroom buildings, Cary Street Gym and popular student hangouts. While student ambassadors follow a set tour, they have opportunities to share their personal perspective along the way.

Open houses

Each year, VCU holds three Open House events for prospective students and their families and two Preview Days for accepted students. The ambassadors lead tours and answer questions throughout the day.


The ambassadors meet biweekly, which promotes student fellowship and camaraderie by giving them exclusive social events such as game nights and team-building activities. In addition, ambassadors participate in various community service activities and fundraising events.


Ambassadors regularly attend regional and state conferences to glean new ideas and to bolster a heightened sense of school spirit.